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5 Natural Hair Myths!

                                                          5 Natural Hair Myths

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I know that it has been a really long time since my last blog post. Now that we are approaching the fall season, I wanted to talk about some topics that will really help you avoid damaging your hair without even realizing it.
There are a lot natural hair tips that are spreading like wildfire online.  Many instructional videos and articles may have good intentions but can really be misleading. Some online tips can actually cause a person to damage their hair in the long run.
Here are the top 5 natural hair myths that have been circulating online.

1.      You cannot possibly moisturize your hair too much because natural hair needs all of the moisture that it can get... right?
WRONG. Your natural hair does need extra moisture but it is definitely possible to over-moisturize your hair. If you constantly add moisture without balancing your moisture levels with protein, your hair will eventually get too soft. It will feel like soft cotton when wet. When the hair is in this state, it will eventually break off because it is holding too much moisture.
To add the proper amount of moisture, start by moisturizing once a day and then increase to 2 times a day if necessary. If your hair feels too moisturized, decrease to every other day.

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2.      You don’t have to comb your hair. Detangling your hair is enough. This will prevent breakage from occurring.
FALSE.  I have seen many YouTube videos instructing people to detangle their natural hair in the shower and to only finger comb to avoid breakage. This is far from the truth. I do believe in detangling natural hair in the shower while saturated with deep conditioner. I also believe that a person should actually comb their hair (with a very large tooth comb) to remove the hair that has shed. If you don’t remove the shed hair, it will cause major tangles and breakage in the long run. Hair tends to shed between 70-100 strands a day and this shed hair needs to be removed to avoid major issues later.

3.      You don’t need protein ever. Why would I? I’m natural.
FALSE. I probably see this one the most. Just remember that your hair is made of protein and over time as the hair strand gets older, it becomes more porous along the hair ends. Porous hair tends to break because it is weaker. This is one of the reasons why older hair breaks on the end. Protein is needed to fill in the porous gaps and strengthen the hair.

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4.      You must stay away from shampoo and cowash only so that your hair will not dry out.
FALSE. While I definitely believe in cowashing, I believe that it should only be done in between shampoo sessions. Conditioners will not adequately clean the hair.   With a buildup of conditioner on the hair, it will prevent moisture from entering the strand. The buildup must be removed so that moisture can adequately enter each hair strand when you moisturize.
  .     You can color your hair without damage.
FALSE.  Since your hair is 100% natural is can withstand more abuse however, coloring your natural can still cause damage if done incorrectly. Coloring the hair (or any chemical process) will increase porosity along the hair strand leading to breakage. Be sure to take extra care of your hair if it is colored and be sure to increase the use of protein in your regimen to prevent breakage.

 *Hope these hair tips will help you to avoid damage to your natural hair in the future!

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Thanks for reading and I’ll catch ya at the next blog posts!
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