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Balancing the Moisture and Protein Levels in Your Hair. 7 Awesome Tips!

Balancing the Moisture and Protein Levels in Your Hair. 

7 Awesome Tips!


Hey guys!
This blog post is about that all too complicated topic -> Moisture and Protein Balance.
Many of you guys know that I started the Hydratherma Naturals product line some years back to help simplify this issue. 
While working as a beautician in the 1990’s, I realized that adding too much protein made my clients hair feel hard  and using too much moisture would make their hair too soft. Both extremes lead to breakage. It all finally clicked in my mind and after much research, I decided to create a product line specifically designed to balance the moisture and protein levels in the hair. Hydratherma Naturals was born!

Moisture – Protein Balance

7 Tips to help balance the moisture and protein levels in the hair.

Did you know that you can ‘over moisturize’ your hair? Many people don’t know this fact. Over moisturized hair can lead to breakage. Be sure that your hair is properly balanced with moisture and protein. This will greatly reduce breakage. Read on……..

1.            Retention is the goal.  If your goal is to retain length realize that unbalanced hair riddled with split ends will break just as fast as it grows. This is the reason many people will say “My hair will not grow”. This is so far from the truth. Hair will continuously grow from the scalp daily but if the hair is breaking at the same rate that it is growing, the hair will appear not to have grown at all. In actuality, length is not being retained.  There is a continuous cycle of growth and breakage that is occurring. This cycle will never end unless you become aware and stop the breakage. The goal is to let those inches add up by keeping the hair balanced with moisture and protein. Healthy ends will not break.

2.            This is MAJOR! Maintain a great moisture and protein balance in the hair to prevent breakage. As mentioned previously, too much moisture will cause the hair to be very soft and will cause breakage. Using too much protein in your regimen will cause the hair to become very hard and brittle which will also lead to breakage. Keeping a balance is very important to prevent breakage and promote length retention.

3.            How do you know which one your hair needs? I get a lot of questions about how to get started  with maintaining a great moisture /protein balance. How do you know which one your hair needs? After washing and deep conditioning your hair, look at a shed hair strand. Lightly pull the strand of hair. If your hair is spongy or gummy when it is wet, more protein is needed. If (when wet) it breaks right away when you pull (without elasticity) you need more moisture.  If your hair is deficient of protein, I would suggest that you start your regimen with a protein treatment for the first couple of weeks. If your hair is moisture deficient, start with a moisturizing deep treatment. Just listen to your hair and it will tell you what it needs. 
Product Recommendations- The Hydratherma Naturals Moisture Boosting Deep Conditioning Treatment and/ or Amino PlusProtein Deep Conditioning Treatment will help get your hair into balance. These treatments can be alternated every other week. Daily use of our Protein Balance Leave In Conditioner and our Daily MoisturizingGrowth Lotion along with sealing in moisture with our Hair Growth Oil will help you to maintain a nourishing balance during the week. Maintaining a nice moisture / protein balance is the key.

4.            Retaining length by balancing the hair throughout the week. Weekly balancing of moisture and protein levels may not be enough for most. If your goal is to have longer and thicker hair, be sure that you take care of your hair ends daily by keeping them balanced with moisture and protein every single day. If your hair growth ½ inch per month and your hair breaks at the same rate, the length and thickness of your hair will remain the same. If you stop the breakage at the ends, length will be retained. You can do this by giving your hair a boost of moisture and light protein daily to keep it balanced.  Be sure that the protein that you add daily is very light so that protein overload will not occur. 
Product recommendation for daily use- Hydratherma Naturals Protein Balance Leave In Conditioner (adds light proteins to strengthen) and the Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion (adds moisture and encourages growth).

5.            Elasticity. What is it all about? A great measure of healthy hair is normal elasticity. Hair elasticity measures how much the hair will stretch and return to a normal state. Hair in great shape will stretch 20%- 50% of its original length. It will then return to its normal shape. This occurs without breaking. If breakage occurs, the elasticity is low. Balancing the moisture and protein levels will help you to maintain healthy elasticity.

6.            Porous hair. What exactly is it?  Typically, overly porous hair is caused by chemical treatments, heat damage and over manipulation of the hair. Porosity varies from person to person.  It is the ability of moisture to enter and exit the hair.  Porous hair soaks up moisture quickly but loses it quickly as well. Overly porous hair can be more prone to breakage because of the spongy gaps along the hair strand. Those with porous hair tend to need a bit more protein in their hair regimen to fill in the porous gaps and strengthen the hair.  After the porous gaps are filled moisture will better be retained as well.

7.            Maintain normal porosity. A porous hair strand has a raised cuticle layer with gaps along the hair strand. Porous hair absorbs too much moisture which sounds great right? The problem is that the strand also leaks out moisture.  This prevents moisture retention. Overly porous hair tends to be chemically treated, damaged in some way, dull and dry looking. One way to normalize porosity is to stop the practice that is causing the damage and slightly increase the use of protein in your hair care regimen. The proteins will bind to the porous gaps along the hair strand and strengthen the hair. This will allow the hair to retain moisture more effectively.

Hope these 7 tips were helpful to you guys out there.
You can read more about the Moisture Protein Balance at the below link.

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch ya on the next blog posts!
Saleemah Cartwright
Hydratherma Naturals – CEO

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