Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Transitioning Hair Tips

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Hope that you all are having an AMAZING week! In this blog post, I'm gonna discuss transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.
Are you transitioning from relaxed to natural hair? Transitioning hair can be a bit tough to deal with but it can be done with very little stress if you have a plan. Having a plan on how to deal with your transitioning hair will make your life much easier. Many people start to transition from relaxed to natural hair without a game plan and then eventually quit because they have no clue about how to deal with the different and "unfamiliar" hair textures. 

Some people transition from relaxed to natural hair by doing the "big chop" after a few months. This is what I did when I first went natural. I transitioned for about 5 months and then grabbed the scissors. 
Some transition for 1-3 years while clipping off their relaxed ends bit by bit. The route that you decide to go is completely up to you!

Below are some Transitioning Hair Tips that will be extremely helpful as you start your natural hair journey. I also include the best Hydratherma Naturals products to use as you transition from relaxed to natural hair.  

Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair

1. Stay Moisturized
Remember to keep your hair well moisturized with the Hydratherma Naturals Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion as you transition. As you transition from relaxed to natural hair, your hair will tend to break where your natural hair ends and your relaxed hair begins. This is because your natural hair is more resilient. To curtail breakage, moisture is the key. When transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, we suggest that you spray your scalp and new growth with the Hydratherma NaturalsFollicle Mist. This will soften the new growth and prevent breakage at the line of demarcation. Then follow with the Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion and the Hair Growth Oil to the new growth and hair ends. Very little breakage will be experienced as you transition if you make sure that your hair is well moisturized.

2. Try braids
Braids can be great protective styles if done properly as you transition from relaxed to natural hair. While wearing braids you can let your hair "rest" for a while as it grows. I do not recommend keeping braids in for longer than 8 weeks. 4-6 weeks would be most advantageous to prevent breakage. Please make sure that the hair is not braided too tightly. This could result in alopecia. While wearing the braids, continue with your weekly wash and deep conditioning schedule. Please don’t forget to take care of your own hair under the weave or braided style.

3. Steer clear of heat damage
This is one important transitioning hair tip. If you would like to wear the straight look, be very careful to avoid heat damage. Try roller sets as you transition from relaxed to natural hair while blowing out the roots only. If you have to use direct heat, I would suggest using ceramic or tourmaline styling tools because they are far less damaging. Try not to use heat more than once a week on clean hair.

4. Curly styles reign while transitioning from relaxed to natural hair
If you are transitioning and wear straight styles all of the time, the humidity will cause a flawless hairstyle to look like a nightmare. Have fun with styles that will last through the humidity. Try bantu knot sets, braid outs, rod sets, straw sets and twist sets. These styles require less manipulation. Just finger comb in the morning and you are out of the door. With styles like these, you can go the gym and still keep your cute curly style!

5. Manipulate you hair very little
I would suggest combing your hair on wash days only and not combing your hair while it is in its dry state. This will cut down on the breakage that you may experience to a great extent. If you are wearing curly styles while transitioning from relaxed to natural, just finger comb in the morning. If you are wearing your hair straight, comb with a wide tooth comb and try to manipulate your hair very little.

6. Keep a great hair regime
Washing and deep conditioning weekly is still very crucial especially while transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. Be sure to maintain a healthy protein / moisture balance with your hair because your hair is in a very delicate state during your transitioning months.

7. Have patience
Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair will not happen overnight. It does take lots of fortitude and perseverance so just hang in there! As your hair grows, slowly trim off the relaxed ends and soon all of the relaxed ends will be gone. If you are super impatient....... do the big chop!

Transitioning hair tip - Product recommendation
This combo is a must have if you are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. It will keep your hair super soft and well moisturized. This is what transitioning hair needs the most.
2. Hair Growth Oil (with Emu oil) to seal in the moisture and for scalp massages

Transitioning hair tip - Product recommendation.
The Hydratherma Naturals Follicle Mist is a must have for anyone out there transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. It will soften your new growth and prevent breakage at the line of demarcation. It will also help promote growth if used with scalp massages by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles.

I hope that these transitioning hair tips were helpful to anyone out there who is struggling with the whole process. Don''t be discouraged and quit. If transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is something that you really want to do, get your game plan together and  go for the gusto!

You can get more #TransitioningHairTips at www.HydrathermaNaturals.com

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Saleemah Cartwright
Hydratherma Naturals Founder / CEO

Friday, March 17, 2017

What is the Best Shampoo for Natural Hair?

To shampoo or not to shampoo??....That is the question!

This question has been the cause of many debates online. Some people think that shampoo is of the devil and co-washes are the only way to go. Others....such as myself, believe that cleansing the hair is extremely important.  Let's look at this #NATURALHAIRSHAMPOO debate a little closer. I am definitely team shampoo and I'll tell you exactly why.

As far as Natural Hair Shampoos go, we all know that there are many to choose from. Some natural hair shampoos come in the form of cleansers or shampoo bars. Some are sls free shampoos and some contain sulfates. Some contain very little cleansing agents and some contain more.

My belief is this--->
1. In order for your hair to thrive, it must be clean! Co-washing is great on occasion, but it should not be done consistently without cleansing in between. Plain and simple....It will not get the hair clean enough. If you exercise frequently and you need to co-wash in between your shampoo sessions, go for it.

In order for your hair to be healthy, your scalp has to be healthy. As we all know, your scalp is a portion of your skin. While cleansing our bodies, we would all laugh at using conditioner to cleanse our skin. It is quite comical to think of taking a shower without some sort of cleansing agent. Imagine the bacterial and fungus that can grow on the scalp if it is not cleansed properly.

2. In order for your hair to retain moisture and reap the benefits of your deep conditioning treatment, it has to be cleansed with your natural hair shampoo. Never go longer than 14 days without cleansing. If your hair has not been cleansed properly, it will most likely contain buildup which will not allow your deep conditioners to penetrate. Your moisturizers will not penetrate adequately either because of layers of buildup. Dirty hair will never be moisturized properly. A clean slate is needed so that the deep conditioning treatments and moisturizers will be easily absorbed into the hair strand.

3. Sulfates vs Sulfate Free Shampoos.......What is best as far as natural hair shampoos go? Huummmmm.....I believe that I need to cover this one in my next blog post. To keep it short....Are sulfates the enemy? NO! My hair absolutely loves sulfates because it is the best and strongest cleansing agent. My hair is super healthy and I have grown my hair to very long and healthy lengths. Sulfates give my hair a clean slate and allow my hair to absorb my moisturizers and deep conditioners readily.
Is this the case for everyone? No. Some people may be sensitive to sulfates.
I will go more in depth on this topic in my next post.

What is the best natural hair shampoo on the market? Hummmm? Of course I will shout Hydratherma Naturals from the hilltops! Take a look at our choices below.

BTW ...The Hydratherma Naturals Moisture Boosting Shampoo was rated #1 as the best shampoo for African American  Natural Hair by blackdoctor.org 
Til next time! xoxoxox
Saleemah Cartwright
Hydratherma Naturals CEO

Moisture Boosting Shampoo

This stimulating natural hair shampoo contains multiple natural extracts including Seaweed, Algae & Sea Kelp with a hint of essential oils that will get your hair healthy and keep it there. Delivers omega 3 and omega 6 essential acids to each hair strand which helps return the hair to its optimal 8% moisture level. Detangles, softens and hydrates the hair as it cleanses the hair and scalp. Infuses the hair with moisture without product build-up. 

SLS Free Moisture Plus Hair Cleanser

You will love this SLS FREE Natural Hair Shampoo.

Gentle Cleansing -Blended with 11 botanical extracts. Sulfate Free / Paraben Free / Sodium Chloride Free / Mineral Oil Free / Petrolatum Free / Color Safe/ PH Balanced. This specially formulated - ultra smooth moisturizing cleanser is ideal for damaged, dry and brittle hair. Blended with 11 botanical extracts for gentle and complete cleansing of the hair and scalp. Keeps the hair soft, flexible and shiny while restoring elasticity.

Paraben Free-Detergent Free-Petrolatum Free-Silicone Free-Mineral Oil Free-Preservative Free-Sulfate Free-Cruelty Free-Non Stripping-PH Balanced-Long Lasting-Color Safe-100% Pure Essential Oils Used-Great for Travel.

This shampoo bar is enhanced with Peppermint and Tea Tree Essential Oils! You will feel "Cool, Refreshing and Invigorating" sensations! Awesome for those suffering with an itchy/dry scalp. This handmade shampoo bar is certified to USDA Organic Standards and made with all natural ingredients. 

Gently removes dirt without stripping the hair. This keratin amino acid enriched shampoo gently removes product buildup and residue from the hair shaft and scalp without stripping the hair or scalp of its natural oils. Deep cleanses the hair and scalp. Enhanced with multiple botanicals including lemongrass, kiwi fruit and Quercus Alba Bark extracts for gentle and complete cleansing of the hair and scalp.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Hydratherma Naturals on 4c Hair Types

Hydratherma Naturals on 4c Hair Types

Hey guys!
It is time to talk about hair types. Some people hate categorizing their hair but I believe that it is important to know what hair type you have and how to use Hydratherma Naturals natural hair care products to get optimal results.

As most of us know, there are many categories of hair types ranging from 4 to 1. 4 being a kinky texture and 1 being straighter hair types. My hair is in the 4 range . Generally speaking, type 4 hair is prone to breakage, needs more moisture and tends to dry out faster. This hair type needs to be moisturized more frequently because the natural sebum secreted from the scalp cannot travel down the tight coils as easy as it could with straight or wavy hair types.

Using the Hydratherma Naturals Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion to moisturize and the Hair Growth Oil to seal in the moisture is a great way to combat dryness. Dry hair is not something that you have to live with.

We frequently receive emails from our customers asking if Hydratherma Naturals can be used on their hair type. The most frequent question that we receive is about Hydratherma Naturals on 4c hair types. The answer to this question is ABSOLUTELY!  Hydratherma Naturals natural hair care products can be used on all hair types including kinky hair, curly hair, wavy hair and straight hair. The goal of  Hydratherma Naturals is to balance the moisture and protein levels in the hair which will prevent breakage and promote length retention. All hair types will benefit from this balance.
Take a look at our website and see how people with all different hair types use Hydratherma Naturals.

To answer the question again.......Yes. Hydratherma Naturals can be used on 4c hair types as well as "ALL" hair types to prevent breakage and balance the hair.

Check out the below video of our customer using the Hydratherma Naturals Foaming Sea Silk Curly Styler for holding those beautiful curls

Til next time!!!!
Saleemah Cartwright

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